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MP159 is an alloy of the Multiphase family of alloys possessing the unique combination of ultra-high strength, ductility and corrosion resistance, through work strengthening and aging. This material is most commonly used in fasteners, jet engine parts, drive components, marine applications and oil and gas production.

Nominal Chemical Composition percent
Nickel 25.5%
Cobalt 35.7%
Chromium 19%
Iron 9%
Molybdenum 7%
Titanium 3%
Columbium .6%
Aluminum .2%

Mechanical Properties As Solution Heat Treated

Property Value
Tensile Strength, max 160 ksi
Yield Strength at 0.2% Offset, max 70 ksi
Elongation in 4D, min 50%
Reduction of Area, min 65%

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AMS Number Alloy Type UNS Cross Ref. Spec Misc./Shape
AMS 5841 MP159 Cobalt R30159 - Bar MP159
AMS 5842F MP159 Cobalt R30159 AMS 5842E Bar MP159
AMS 5843 MP159 Cobalt R30159 - Bar MP159