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Cobalt MP159 AMS 5842F

Cobalt MP159 AMS 5842F

AMS 5842F is a sub-type specification of Cobalt MP159, a nickel-base superalloy with a high concentration of cobalt and chromium. Tech Steel & Materials offers AMS 5842F in the form of a round bar. The main advantages of this specification are high corrosion and oxidation resistance from mineral acids, seawater, hydrogen sulfide, and salt sprays. AMS 5842F is also characterized by excellent high-temperature strength up to 1100 °F (593 °C), excellent ductility, and excellent surface stability.

These properties make AMS 5842F an outstanding choice for various industries where corrosion resistance is required. The primary use is in the medical sector for the manufacturing of orthodontic and prosthetic devices. High-pressure door dogs, valve components, and springs made from AMS 5842F are used in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, and marine industry.

A combination of work strengthening and aging is recommended to achieve the highest possible tensile strength. Due to the excellent ductility of this superalloy, various cold-working techniques can be used, such as extrusion, rolling, swaging, pilgering, and drawing.

Tensile strengths of 265000 psi (1830 MPa) can be achieved by cold-working for 45-50% reduction of area, followed by aging at 1225 °F (663 °C) for 4 hours and then air-cooled to room temperature. This treatment should be used after each annealing process as heat treatments negate the cold-worked strengthening.

AMS 5842 can be heat-treated using methods applied to stainless-steel and nickel-based superalloys. For best results, a neutral or slightly oxidizing atmosphere that is very low in sulfur is recommended during heat-treatment.


AMS 5842F Bar
AMS 5842F Bar
Alloy: Cobalt
Type: MP159
UNS: R30159