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Cobalt MP159 AMS 5841

Cobalt MP159 AMS 5841

AMS 5841 is a sub-type specification of Cobalt MP159, which is a nickel and cobalt-based Multiphase superalloy. The main advantages of AMS 5841 are ultra-high-tension strength at elevated temperatures, excellent ductility and surface stability, excellent fatigue resistance, and creep strength at higher temperatures, as well as superior corrosion and oxidation resistance. Tech Steel & Materials offers AMS 5841 in the form of a round bar.

This sub-type specification of Cobalt MP159 is mostly used in the aerospace industry for the production of parts that will be exposed to high-temperature up to 1100 °F (593 °C), such as jet engine components, jet propulsion systems, and solid rocket boosters. AMS 159 can also be used for the production of parts that will be used in high-stress environments, such as fasteners, bolts, landing gear, and drive components.

Thanks to the excellent ductility of AMS 5841, it can be cold-worked using all traditional methods. Cold-working can also be used to achieve higher tensile strength, followed by aging and air cooling. Additional work strengthening can be performed by standard working practices, such as extrusion, rolling, swaging, pilgering, and drawing.

AMS 5841 can be heat-treated using treatments that are typically used for stainless-steel and nickel-based superalloys. Cold work strengthening is recommended after each annealing process to achieve the highest possible tensile strength.


AMS 5841 Bar
AMS 5841 Bar
Alloy: Cobalt
Type: MP159
UNS: R30159