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Custom Alloy 465 (AMS 5936)

Stainless Steel Custom 465 (AMS 5936)

Custom 465 is a martensitic, premium-melted stainless steel alloy with a high concentration of nickel and chromium. It is known to have improved tensile strength and fracture toughness, which makes it an excellent choice for aerospace components that require these properties.

Alloy 465 is age-hardenable and has improved fabricability when compared to other alloys in this category. On top of that, it has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. If needed, it can achieve exceptional strength, toughness and stress corrosion cracking by aging it at a higher temperature for longer, or to the H1000 condition (more on that in the Heat Treatment section).

Thanks to that, apart from its widespread use in the aerospace industry, it also finds use in the medical industry, marine equipment, firearms, hand tools, and oil and gas drilling machines. Custom 465 is mostly used for drivers, distractors, drill bits, and shafts.

Tech Steel & Materials offers Stainless Steel Custom 465 in one sub-type specifications and three shapes/forms:

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Custom 465

Element min max
Carbon, C 0.02
Manganese, Mn 0.25
Silicon, Si 0.25
Sulfur, S 0.010
Phosphorus, P 0.015
Chromium, Cr 11 12.50
Nitrogen, N 0.01
Nickel, Ni 10.75 11.25
Molybdenum, Mo 0.75 1.25
Titanium, Ti 1.50 1.80
Iron, Fe *Balance

*Not exclusively to the element mentioned, but that one predominates other elements that are used only in minimal quantities.

Fabrication and Working Instructions of Custom 465

Custom 465 Stainless Steel can be cold and hot worked with the following treatments:

  • Hot working – solution anneal before hardening, then heat to 1850-2000° F (1010-1093° C) and air cool.
  • Cold working – Alloy 465 can be readily cold formed by drawing or rolling thanks to its low annealed yield strength and low work hardening rate.

Mechanical Properties of Custom 465

Condition Specimen Orientation Tensile Strength ksi Yield Strength at 0.2% Offset ksi Elongation in 2 Inches or 4D % Reduction of Area %
H950 Longitudinal 240 220 10 45
Transverse 240 220 8 35
H1000 Longitudinal 220 200 10 50
Transverse 220 200 10 40

Physical Properties of Custom 465

Condition Density (g/cm3)
H 900 7.82
H 950 7.83
H 1000 7.84
H 1050 7.86
H 1100 7.86
Annealed / CT 7.81

Heat Treatment of Custom 465 Stainless Steel

The standard heat treatment for Stainless Steel Custom 465 is done on a solution-annealed material. Tech Steel & Materials already supplies this alloy in Condition A (solution annealed), which means that the part can be directly heat-treated with the following treatment:

  • Heat the part to 1800° F ± 15° F (982° C ± 8° C) and hold at that temperature for one hour. Then cool rapidly by quenching for parts under 12’’, or air cool swiftly for parts over 12’’.
  • Refrigerate to -100° F (-73° C) and hold for eight hours, followed by warming to room temperature. Please note that this process should be done in a 24-hour timeframe after solution annealing.

To achieve high strength levels of Custom 465 (Condition H 900, H 950, H 1000, H 1050, and H 1100), an additional age hardening step is required:

  • Heat the part to 900-1150° F (482-621° C) and hold for four to eight hours, followed by air cooling for section sizes under 3’’ or quenching for sizes over 3’’. Please note that increasing the temperature increases the toughness of the part, without any significant effect on strength.

As for machinability, it is recommended to do it in the overaged H 1150M condition, but machining can also be done in the annealed/CT condition.  The best heat treatment for easy machining is as follows:

  • Heat the part to 1400° F ± 15° F (760° C ± 8° C) and leave it at that temperature for two hours, followed by standard air cooling. Then, reheat the part to 1150° F ± 15° F (621° C ± 8° C) and leave it at that temperature for four hours, followed by standard air cooling to room temperature.
  • Annealing should be done after the heat treatment at a temperature of 1800° F (982° C).
  • Finish with cold treatment at -100° F (-73° C).

Average Size Change of Custom 465 Stainless Steel (Solution annealed/CT to aged condition):

Condition Longitudinal (in/in) Longitudinal (in/in)
H 900 0.0008 0.0007
H 950 0.0011 0.0010
H 1000 0.0014 0.0013
H 1050 0.0016 0.0016
H 1100 0.0023 0.0023
H 1150M 0.0053 0.0053

Select AMS Number:

AMS Number Alloy Type UNS Cross Ref. Spec Misc./Shape
AMS 5936 Custom 465 Stainless Steel S46500  
AMS 5936 Bar Custom 465 Stainless Steel S46500 - Bar AMS 5936 Bar
AMS 5936 Forging Custom 465 Stainless Steel S46500 - Forging AMS 5936 Forging
AMS 5936 Wire Custom 465 Stainless Steel S46500 - Wire AMS 5936 Wire