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Rich CarboneRichard G. Carbone

President and Chief Executive Officer

After working almost 13 years as an outside sale rep for a number of regional and national metal service centers, Rich entered into a partnership in 1992 with the owner of a New York metal service center. Seven years later, he founded Tech Steel & Materials LLC. Focused solely on meeting the customer’s needs and requirements – and exceeding their expectations – Rich’s customer-centric business model has enabled Tech Steel & Materials to grow into a specialty metals supplier of choice.

“Throughout my career in the metals industry, I always thought that I was executing somebody else’s business plan and vision. I realized early on that I possessed my own objectives and direction, which could never be fully accomplished elsewhere. On the front lines as an outside salesman, I knew what was important to the customer, and what worked and what didn’t. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a major disconnect between what the customer needs and what the supplier is delivering in terms of quality, service and pricing.

“When I formed Tech Steel & Materials, my business philosophy was straightforward: No matter how big we became, our structure needed to remain flat – meaning there would be no layers between the customers and the highest levels of management.

“But what really make us unique are our product mix, service and technical know-how. We inventory many items that simply aren’t available elsewhere. That’s a significant value we offer the marketplace. Our specialized services include bar-to-tube conversions, cutting, machining, grinding, heat treatment and testing, as well as custom production of nonstandard sizes and alloys of tubing, bar and flat rolled products.

“In the end, Tech Steel reflects my vision of how a metal service center should run. And that I’m very proud of.”

Ron Enners: General ManagerRonald Enners

General Manager

Ron brings a unique combination of sales and metals industry experience to his position as general manager of Tech Steel & Materials, where he is responsible for the inside sales team, warehouse and office operations. He joined us in 1999 after more than 20 years with a regional metal service company.

“Tech Steel & Materials is special because we are a relatively large distributor with a unique product line, but we think and perform like a much smaller company in terms of customer service – access to senior management – and efficiency. We keep things in stock that most other distributors would not. That is our real niche.”

John Tomory: Quality Control ManagerJohn Tomory

Quality Control Manager

Tech Steel & Materials’ quality control manager, John was promoted to this position in 2011 after he established our Accreditation system, which certifies the consistency of our product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. John believes this quality system is a competitive advantage, giving customers a strong sense of security knowing that they will receive a product that has been certified by a very rigorous, international quality standard.

“Every piece of metal that passes through our facility is checked, rechecked, documented, and then that information is filed in such a way that is 100 percent consistent with our system. In addition we have an excellent product mix and very capable people throughout the company who are committed to quality and customer satisfaction every day.”

Before his promotion, John served as our IT manager. He started his career with Tech Steel & Materials in 2007 as an inside salesperson.

Joe Carbone: Vice President of Sales and MarketingJoseph Carbone

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Joseph’s solid background in sales and marketing makes him a strong asset to the Tech Steel & Materials team. Prior to joining the company as an inside salesman in 2007, he was an electronic sales consultant. He was promoted to his current position in 2011.

“I absolutely love working here. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity. Our products are always in demand. Even during this last economic downturn, we did exceedingly well. It’s a testament to the unique and special nature of our inventory. Quite often, we’re a customer’s last stop after searching the marketplace and coming up empty. It’s very gratifying to be able to help the customer and my company in this fashion; it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.”