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Cobalt MP159 AMS 5843

Cobalt MP159 AMS 5843

AMS 5843 is a sub-type specification of Cobalt MP159, a Multiphase nickel-based superalloy with a high concentration of cobalt and chromium. This specification has a long list of desired properties and is used in various industries.

The main advantage of AMS 5843 is the superior ultra-high-tension strength of 265,000 psi (1830 MPa) at very high temperatures, up to 1100 °F (593 °C) for prolonged periods of time. AMS 5843 is characterized by excellent ductility and creep strength, as well as superior corrosion and oxidation resistance in many different environments. Tech Steel & Materials offers AMS 5843 in the form of a round bar.

AMS 5843 finds use in various fields. It is mainly used in the aerospace industry for the manufacturing of parts exposed at very high temperatures, such as jet engine components, jet propulsion systems, and solid rocket boosters. Other uses include the medical field (orthodontic and prosthetic devices), the petroleum industry, the marine industry, and the chemical industry. AMS 5843 also finds use in power generation equipment, pulp and paper industry, and high pulse magnet research.

The excellent ductility of AMS 5843 allows for cold-working using all traditional methods. Working also strengthens this superalloy, especially when followed by aging and air cooling. Cold-working is also recommended after each heat treatment to produce parts with high-tensile strength.


AMS 5843 Bar
AMS 5843 Bar
Alloy: Cobalt
Type: MP159
UNS: R30159