Will Myth Meet Science?


For hundreds of years, people all over the United States have reported sightings of the elusive creature called Sasquatch, more commonly known as Bigfoot. During that time period, Bigfoot was described as a large hairy ape-like creature that stands between 2-3 meters tall and weighs around 500 pounds. With feet that range nearly 24 inches in length.

The creature is considered a myth due to the lack of true physical evidence of its existence. However, Jeffery Meldrum of Idaho State University believes that he has found a form of technology that will help prove the creature’s existence. He intends to use Drones!

In the post 9/11 world drones have become commonplace in military and weather applications however Jeffery Meldrum feels this technology will be instrumental in the creature’s discovery. He has been quoted by the Mountain Express as saying, “These unmanned drones, I believe, are the next step in proving the nature of these creatures.” This initiative is called “The Falcon Project” which will use a 45-foot-long drone to survey the landscape looking for the beast.

Tech Steel has had a great deal of experience supplying the military market with materials ranging from titanium to aluminum when it comes to drones but has never heard of drones being used in this capacity. All we can say is happy hunting.

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