What 5G Tech Means for the Army and Why US Military Bases Are Already Embracing it

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Ten U.S. Army bases including the Nellis Air Force Base are going to take part in the pilot testing of 5G tech for military purposes, and the officials are already counting the endless potential deployment and usability scenarios. 5G has arrived in the United States and it’s being rolled out globally, so it’s not a question of “if it’s useful” but “what exactly to do with it”.

According to the first reports that were compiled with what information is channeled to the public, this is how the army is looking to deploy 5G:

  • Empower virtual reality applications for training purposes.
  • Empower augmented reality applications in real-battle situations.
  • Support meds in the field by allowing them to intercommunicate with remote experts.
  • Support the beaming of big data like high-range radar mapping or MRI scans from portable machines.
  • Link the AirForce, Army, and Navy into a single battle intelligence entity.

So, there you have it. Telemedicine and “live” battle decision-making are the most prominent application scenarios, but things are not as simple as setting the antennas up and paying someone to create the software. The U.S. Army needs ultimate levels of cybersecurity and this is always a complicated matter, but it’s especially troublesome when it comes to new generations of network communications.

Still though, the Pentagon wants to gain the advantage over other strong national armies, and 5G is a chance to leap ahead and outpace all challengers. Through the process of implementation, experimentation, testing, and optimization, the officials will realize new potential for a wider range of applications.

After all, this applies to all sectors that are planning to work with 5G, from business to entertainment and from banking to big data. Nobody has exactly figured out what they’re going to do with 5G, but it’s going to be an amazing opportunity for all. 

Bianca Van der Watt

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