Volvo Vehicles Will Be Able to Communicate With Each Other Before 2017



Car-to-car communication technology will be essential to the future of transportation, especially as it pertains to self-driving cars.

Volvo has announced that its vehicles will be able to talk to each other by the end of this year, joining Mercedes-Benz and Toyota in developing select models with the ability to talk to one another.

Before the start of 2017, Volvo’s car-to-car communication will be featured in the company’s 90 series which encompasses the S90, V90 and XC90.

Ultimately, those vehicles will be able to wirelessly talk to each other about things such as road conditions, warnings, accidents ahead, and issues with the cars themselves.

Developed in collaboration with Ericsson, Volvo says its tech will get much better and more reliable over time as the company receives data it can analyze and work to improve.

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