This Secret Barn Hosts 300 Rare and Vintage Ferraris, Corvettes, and More.


“AMMO NYC”, a popular car detailing YouTube channel, has recently unveiled a secret barn located somewhere in the United States, where 300 rare and vintage cars rest parked.

The owner of the collection preferred to stay anonymous, so this only adds to the mystery. Some of the cars found in the barn include a Plymouth Superbird, a Bizzarrini P538, various generations of the Corvette Stingray, and a range of models from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Ford, Oldsmobile, and Rolls Royce.

In general, there are mostly older models to be found in the secret barn, but they all have significant collectible value.

Some are wrapped in nylon sheets to keep the dust away, but most didn’t get this treatment. The result is that many cars aren’t looking as spotless and well-cared as they deserve to be, but dust and dirt aren’t anything that detailing experts can’t get rid of safely. The real problems are flat tires and the chassis deformation they can cause, as well as engine corrosion from extended inactivity.

The owner has spent the past three decades collecting these cars and is now planning to sell many of them to make room for other models. This is a weird statement on its own, as having money to engage in building impressive car collections surely presupposes having the financial capacity to buy or build a bigger barn.

The value of these collections for the car world is that sometimes, they have models that have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Many automakers haven’t kept a single pristine example of their own rare models, although they’d love to have one to exhibit nowadays.

In many cases, such examples are only to be found in private car collections of passionate gear-heads who spent many millions in the acquisition, maintenance, and restoration of valuable cars. In this particular case, the barn captures people’s minds by being secret, mysterious, and extremely diverse.

Bianca Van der Watt

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