The Next Wave of Space Exploration Is Here!


As long as the NASA space program has been in action, NASA as used expendable rockets to get into space. However SpaceX, one of the world’s foremost private space exploration companies, has developed a reuseable propulsion rocket for space exploration. This rocket known as “The Grasshopper” (or the officially titled Falcon 9 test rig) has been tested and tried. However not only is the Grasshopper the first reuseable rocket for space exploration it is also the ONLY rocket capable of hovering and maneuvering sideways!

In the video clip provided below you can see the Grasshopper maneuver during a test fight.


As the Grasshopper reaches its test altitude it begins to go through its sideway maneuvering. This functionally will allow for easier maneuverability and emergency diverts in space, while cutting costs for space exploration across the board.

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