The Latest Developments in Flying Car Technology

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Everyone thought that developing flying cars was going to be a challenging task. However, in our pursuit of environmentally friendly and long-term sustainable solutions, developing electric flying cars has proved to be even trickier!

This is all due to the weight that lithium batteries yield versus the speed of the energy output! However, new advancements in the field of lithium-ion batteries might not solve some of these problems that are currently being faced.

In order to operate at an optimal level, the vehicle is required to move vertically when it takes off and lands. Simultaneously, it also needs high speeds to remain in the air and perform at capacity.

Revolutionizing Technology

Electrical Vertical Takeoff and landing or eVTOL has been attracting the attention of investors worldwide as it can quite possibly become a future mode of transport. This technological advancement utilizes the power of a helicopter for vertical takeoffs and landings and the aerodynamic efficiency of an airplane, in addition to the low noise levels of electric vehicles.

In a report released by Roland Berger, a consulting firm in Munich, Germany, it is estimated that in 2020 alone, there are currently 95 projects of a similar nature doing the rounds.

The Issues eVTOL Poses

It is very likely that the very first phase in commercial eVTOL development will entail human transportation services. They need to find a way to mitigate the challenge of being able to change the battery on a frequent basis.

The battery of the aerial vehicle needs to recharge quickly so that the companies can gain the maximum amount of revenue during peak times. It will imply that they need to find a way to make 15 trips in the mornings and 15 trips in the afternoons during rush hour times to make it worthwhile.

These figures are all based on the premise of transporting between three to four people from the inner city limits to and from the nearest airport.

It will be very interesting to see how soon air travel to the airport prior to your vacation destination will become a reality for all travelers!

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