Taking Flight to New Heights: Linde’s Innovative Coating Solution for Aircraft Alloy Components

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The latest solution from the industrial gas giant promises to deliver unparalleled coating performance and durability, taking aircraft manufacturing to new heights.

Linde, a global leader in industrial gases and engineering, has joined forces with Impact Innovations, a leading German cold spraying technology company, to unveil a groundbreaking solution for cold spraying gas supply: LINSPRAY Connect. The innovative system is set to revolutionize the cold spraying process for aircraft alloy coatings, delivering improved reliability, safety, and control.

Cold spraying is a cutting-edge technique that uses high-pressure gases to propel tiny particles onto a substrate, resulting in a ductile coating with unique properties. However, maintaining a stable and reliable gas flow with minimal pressure variation and precise temperature control is crucial for optimal coating quality and product performance.

With its sophisticated features, LINSPRAY Connect addresses these challenges head-on. It provides a reliable, stable, and high-quality gas flow with minimal variation while also offering real-time monitoring of critical process parameters, such as pressure, temperature, and tank filling levels.

In case of incidents, error messages can be automatically sent, an emergency gas supply can be activated, or a safe shutdown can be initiated. Production volume can be easily adjusted, giving manufacturers greater flexibility and control.

LINSPRAY Connect offers enhanced delivery capabilities that benefit manufacturers with proactive maintenance, reduced downtime, increased productivity, minimized rejects and rework, and cost savings. Additionally, it supports sustainability goals by enabling the repair and refurbishment of parts and conserving energy and material resources.

Paolo Kirchpfening, Global Commercialization Manager of Manufacturing Markets at Linde, expressed excitement about collaborating with Impact Innovations, stating that Linde has long been a trusted provider of high-quality gas supply that gives manufacturers unprecedented insight and insight control over their cold spraying process.

LINSPRAY Connect is expected to have broad industry applications: nuclear energy (coating storage/transport containers), aerospace (repair/combustion chambers), cookware (induction coatings), and automotive (brake disc coatings/thermal management).

According to Leonhard Holzgassner, Technical Director and Founder of Impact Innovations, the new product represents a game-changing solution for cold spraying in various industries, improving productivity and reducing costs, maintenance, and downtime while supporting sustainability goals. LINSPRAY Connect revolutionizes the cold-spraying process with advanced features. It enhances reliability and safety for aircraft alloy coatings and finds applications in diverse industries. Linde and Impact Innovations demonstrate a commitment to innovation and sustainability with this groundbreaking technology.

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