Self-Walking Exoskeletons Are Here!

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Very soon from now, exoskeletons will be able to determine by means of evidence and reasoning how to walk by themselves–all with the help of AI of course.

The First-Gen Exoskeletons

Up until very recently, humans still had to provide step-by-step instructions to prosthetics on the next action that had to be performed. Founding father of ExoNet, Brokoslaw Laschowski aims at changing all of that soon!

Together with his team of knowledgeable researchers, they are in the process of developing an exokeleton that is able to determine the next move of the wearer. They aim to achieve this by making use of deep learning and cameras that are embedded in the device.

Instead of some of the autonomous technology that is already out in the universe, Laschowski wants to produce a product that is capable of thinking on its own and then exercising the said notions associated with performing the action.

The Process of Machine Learning

Exonet is using images to train the exoskeleton. It operates on the premise of collecting millions of images from different environments and situations and then labeling these images before feeding them to the computer.

This process called machine learning is then what the device uses to access the labels and effectively predict the outcomes for each action. The machine you are training then uses the algorithm it learned to establish what is known as a neural network of data, using a specific data set.

It is when the machine understands how to create predictive controllers, instead of relying on the state of the device or the wearer to determine the next logical steps.

But What Does This Mean For The Future?

This device will enable non-able bodied individuals access to function as the rest of society. For example, when reaching an escalator, instead of the person having to tell the machine what to do, it will already know to put one foot and then the other on the first step of the escalator and vice versa for disembarking.

With such an exciting prospect on the horizon, follow the story, by watching the video below:

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