Planes, Trains and … Increased Profits for Bombardier Inc.


Bombardier Inc, the world’s largest train manufacturer and fourth largest commercial aircraft manufacturer, has reported a 25 percent jump in first-quarter revenue on a robust growth at its aerospace division. Most of this growth is due to the and successful testing of the C-Series jetliner, a new commercial jet liner with a single-aisle and seating for up to 160 passengers. The CSeries has been developed by Bombardier in an attempt to jump into the 100-to-200 –seat aircraft market that is currently dominated by Boeing Co and Airbus.

Bombardier has reported it already has 145 firm orders for the CSeries from nine customers in eight countries and has commitments for another 243 of the passenger liners. The CSeries was developed with cost efficiency in mind, boosting a 15 percent operational cost advantage over similar sized craft produced by Boeing Co and Airbus models in the same size range. The CSeries also totes a 20 percent fuel consumption advantage over other jets in its category. It has also been designed with a lighter airframe than similar models of jet liner.

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