Oil Giant Shell to Bring Pre-Production Prototype of the Ox Flatpack Vehicle to Life



The flatpack Ox vehicle is a new slab-sided creation capable of bringing mobility to the developing world,┬ábut now it’s one step closer to reality thanks to a partnership with Shell.

A pre-production prototype of the Ox will be created and then sent to India to assist in outreach programs, where the vehicle will be gauged for its feasibility in those type of situations and surroundings.

What makes the Ox so special is how easy it is to assemble to the point three people can break it down into 60 parts in merely 12 hours.

With Shell’s help, the Ox could make a world of difference in developing nations as it can be shipped cheaply, seat 13 people and carry up to 4,100 pounds of cargo, from water and fertilizer to building materials.

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