New Light Land Composite to Slash Plane Emissions

Image Credit: TISICS

Aviation is on the path to sustainability, with TISICS at the forefront of this vision. The pioneering materials technology company has unveiled a groundbreaking lightweight metal composite landing gear that promises to revolutionize the aerospace industry.

UK-based aircraft components company TISICS has developed a new type of metal composite made from a combination of titanium and aluminum. The metal composite landing gear has unparalleled weight reduction capacity, boasting an impressive 30-70 percent decrease compared to conventional materials.

Remarkably, this lightweight composite exceeds the strength and stiffness of titanium while maintaining a 40 percent lower density and surpassing high-strength steel in performance. The company is actively exploring the potential application of this technology in other critical aircraft components, such as wings and fuselages.

The potential benefits of TISICS’ innovative composite are immense, with estimates suggesting it could save airlines a staggering £650,000 per aircraft each year in reduced fuel costs. Adopting this technology would significantly contribute to carbon emission reduction, a pressing concern for the aviation industry’s sustainability efforts.

The global aerospace industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards embracing low-carbon aviation technologies. Experts predict that the development of ultra-efficient lightweight aerostructures, like TISICS’ metal composite landing gear, represents an astounding £9.8 billion market opportunity by 2041. For the UK, specifically, adopting such innovations could boost its market share from 13 percent to nearly 17 percent by 2050.

TISICS’ technology has drawn the interest of many industry players, such as Safran Landing Systems. The company sees the metal composite landing gear as an instrumental tool in achieving its ambitious goal of net-zero emissions for aircraft and thus eagerly explores the technology.

Currently, in the prototype stage, TISICS’ Light Land landing gear is set to undergo rigorous certification for commercial use by 2025.

TISICS is undoubtedly at the forefront of transformative change within the aviation sector. As it paves the way for more fuel-efficient and environmentally conscious aircraft, the company’s ingenuity holds the promise of making aviation not only economically viable but also a driving force toward a greener future.

Ashton Henning

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