NASA Releases Prototype Z-2 Spacesuit That Astronauts Will Wear on Mars


NASA plans to send astronauts to Mars by the mid-2030s. The future astronauts will be wearing the next-generation spacesuits designed for walking on the surface of the Red Planet.

NASA has just unveiled the design of its futuristic spacesuit. The 3D-printed Z-2 spacesuit will help astronauts walk on the Martian surface for easy planetary exploration. The spacesuit won’t be used inside the space shuttle. The high-pressure Z-2 spacesuit could simply be attached to or dock to the side of a spacecraft without the need for an airlock.

The Z-2 offers maximum flexibility to astronauts. They will be able to get in and out of rovers more easily, walk around the rocky Martian surface, and collect samples with much ease.

The suit uses advanced materials to achieve light weight and flexibility. Despite its high flexibility, the suit is highly durable; it can withstand the harsh environment of Mars for a long time.

The Z-2 is still in the prototype stage, but NASA has more than a decade to finalize the suit before putting humans on Mars.

Nidhi Goyal

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