Mojo Vision Introduces Smart Contact Lenses with a Miniature Display Inside

Credit: Mojo Vision

The Google Glass AR glasses introduced us to a future where digital objects will merge with our environments. With these glasses, people were able to see navigation directions directly on the world in front of them, or even read the news while walking around. The technology didn’t catch up with the audience, but the main reason was perhaps the clunky design of Google Glass.

Now, a company called Mojo Vision will try to do the same thing with contact lenses. Unlike Google Glass, Mojo’s product will be invisible by the people around you. That is, of course, if you don’t want some crazy color applied to them. On top of that, Mojo’s lenses will be controlled only with eye movements. No more tapping on the glasses or your head.

Mojo’s lenses are a real technological tour-de-force. Every lens has a miniature MicroLED display with 14,000 PPI (pixel per square inch). If you follow smartphones today, you’ll know that this is insane. The densest smartphone displays today have less than 600 PPI! Mojo Vision says that this density is a world record and we fully believe them.

When you apply the lenses on your eyes, you will immediately feel like a cyborg. You will still be able to see the world around you, sure, but with digital elements applied. According to the company, the lenses can provide you with sports scores, directions, and even a night view. One can also imagine a future where prices of every product you see pop up into your eyesight, but that’s a problem we’ll leave for another day.

On that matter, Mojo Vision says that the lenses won’t work constantly and bombard you with information. Unlike Google Glass, these lenses will show only the information you want at the moment and nothing else.

Mojo Vision wants to launch these lenses on the market asap. Right now, the company works on the final adjustments and waits on the FDA’s approval.

Bianca Van der Watt

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