Man vs. Submarine


Did you know all it takes to destroy an American nuclear submarine is a disenfranchised worker and a box of rags?  Well that’s what happened to the USS Miami on May 23rd, when Casey James Fury decided he didn’t want to be at work that day. Using a box of rags Fury set fire to, he managed to do unrepairable damage to the vessel. The careless act of arson cost the US Navy nearly 400 million in repairs and the ship itself. The fire also injured seven people.

After initial repairs began damage estimates skyrocketed to nearly four times the initial cost. “The type of damage was unlike anything we’d seen in recent memory,” Rear Admiral Richard Breckenridge, director of undersea warfare, said on a Navy Live blog post. “The anticipated scope of work is four times greater than any previous submarine repair due to damage,” the post continued.

The USS Miami was one of 42 Los Angeles-class Submarines. The submarines crew commonly consisted of 12 officers and 98 enlisted personnel. The Sub was also capable of carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles and Mark 48 torpedoes, none of which were onboard when the fire was started.

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