Lightyear One Solar Electric Vehicle Completes a Record 710-Km on A Single Battery Charge

Image Credit: Lightyear

The biggest problem with Electric vehicles is range. While a plug-in hybrid can count on gasoline as a backup, Electric Vehicles can’t.

This major obstacle needs to be addressed to ensure and enable rapid market increase of Electric vehicles.

Now, in a major Advancements in Electric Vehicle Technology, Dutch solar electric car start-up Lightyear has designed a solar-powered car that completed a whopping 441 miles (710 km) on the test track.

Lightyear One prototype car achieved this milestone on a single charge. However, Tesla Model S can travel nearly 400 miles on a single charge.

The long test drive is a record! before any electric car has driven so far with such a relatively modest battery– just 60 kWh, that too on a single charge. The Lightyear One was put to test at the Aldenhoven Testing Center in Germany. It completed 710 kilometers while driving at a constant 53 miles per hour (85 Km/h).

The successful validation test is a major step not only for Lightyear but for the industry overall. Successfully lowering the energy consumption per mile means EV owners can get a lot of the range on a small battery in the future.

Batteries are the most expensive part of an electric vehicle. Smaller batteries are crucial for an electric vehicle because they reduce cost and weight.

Article Source: Industry Tap

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