Justin Tierney’s New Video Takes You On a Train Ride Through Tokyo at Hyper Speed

justin tierney

justin tierney

The latest video from Justin Tierney called Tokyo Aglow provides a hypnotizing perspective of Japan’s trains.

Watching the footage, which is accelerated to hyper speed, you almost feel like you are on a roller coaster or playing a virtual reality game at times due to the crazy lights and trippy twists and turns.

However, the skyscrapers, pedestrians and cars going to and from help you realize that you’re simply speeding through a bustling city.

Justin Tierney writes:

The automated Yurikamome flows through Odaiba and arrives downtown. A taxi whips to converging clusters of crowds in Shibuya. Scores surge, stream and swarm, tangle and scramble. Patterns of people, probabilities and periodicities, play. Weaving and knotting, the masses rhythmically engage with the machinery of modern life.

Koto inspired chords underpin the music of the piano. Trombone, trumpet and violin map to the patterns recurrent and emergent. Crosswalk chimes, chirps and cuckoos echo into the night.

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