Japanese Researchers Claim They Developed Unbreakable Glass as Strong as Steel

Wiki Commons

Wiki Commons

Japanese researchers at The University of Tokyo and Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute claim to have created a type of glass as strong as steel.

Obviously, if the glass is the real deal it could find applications in windows, smartphone screens, basketball backboards, and other electronic devices just to name a few ideas.

According to a news release, the researchers were able to greatly increase the strength of the glass by adding large amounts of aluminum oxide compounds.

However, while the use of aluminum oxides leads to stronger glass, using these compounds in the past hasn’t been very easy to do.

“Specific aluminum oxides are referred to as ‘alumina’ mixtures, and although their remarkable properties have been known for some time now, the chemistry required to add them to glass has always proved difficult to put into practice,” explains IFLScience. “Whenever material scientists have previously tried to mix alumina with glass, they’ve always used a container; unfortunately, the liquid mixture begins to crystallize out on the corners and edges of the container before it’s had a chance to mingle properly with the glass.”

Right now, the researchers are looking for a way to commercialize to the unbreakable glass and produce it on a much larger scale within the next 5 years.

Learn more about the unbreakable glass here.

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