How Can Data Help Build Confidence in Vaccines? Let us Count The Ways!

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Despite their best efforts, companies that have dedicated their research to improving the lives of Joe Public have appeared to fall behind. This is primarily due to the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the companies’ non-readiness for such a disaster.

However, a company in the United States used it to their advantage, and in a matter of hours, they changed their packaging to a more sanitary-friendly approach, and their sales went through the roof!

The Power of Social Media Strikes Again!

Again, the power of social media came into play with people taking to Google and other platforms to search for available data, providing a rich, in-depth analysis of the SEO keywords most used and who needed to be targeted where.

This was based on a partnership between the World Economic Forum and the Vaccine Confidence Project in London at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. They aimed to gain an in-depth insight into the challenges faced in vaccine acceptance, the resistance against trust, and how these issues can be mitigated.

The studies concluded a five-point strategy to be followed:

5 Tips on Building Trust in Vaccines

  1. First and foremost, the keyword protection needs to accompany the intent when communicating this to the public. It holds a tremendous amount of power that can be deployed in strategies.
  2. Do not make consumers feel obliged to take the vaccines–this does not sit well with the public and creates hesitancy and panic.
  3. Use everyday case studies of ordinary people, using simple wording and how they’ve benefitted from the vaccine. This way, it is more relatable and will appeal to the target audience.
  4. Do the required research on anti-vaxers and why they are hesitant, and address those concerns as soon as possible!
  5. Focus on getting the message across in a manner that everyone can understand: Vaccines will bring about herd immunity and prevent death and illness of COVID-19

Perhaps other companies can follow suit soon and collaborate with their public sectors to enhance their understanding of consumer needs that the public can benefit from somehow.

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