Has The War on Drones Gone Too Far?


As drones become more and more common place, both on the battlefield and in peaceful skies. People all over the world are taking a stand on how governments should and could implement their usage.  In the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado they are even taking up arms against the would-be spy drones! With local legislation still to be voted upon local residents are signing up for what they are calling “A Drone Hunting Ordnance.” If voted upon the ordnance will allow local residents to shoot down drones within 1000 feet of their homes.

If this trend continues and spreads our skies could be littered with gunfire and falling drones. Has Deer Trail gone too far? That’s up for individuals to decide but for now drones are going to continue to become a part of the scenery and only time will tell how they are used and how people will react to them.


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