Google’s Project Sunroof Lets You Know If Solar Panels Are Viable On Your Rooftop



Google’s Project Sunroof is an incredible tool that helps you calculate whether or not it is worth it to install solar panels on the rooftop of your house.

Not only is it capable of determining how much sunlight hits your rooftop, and if it will lower your energy bill, it now has a new feature which enables you to see how many of your neighbors are utilizing solar panels.

Project Sunroof is completely free and has a number of useful resources, from how much installing solar panels could save you to listing local providers capable of carrying out the job.

Google utilizes a machine learning algorithm that’s trained to recognize solar panels from satellite images in order to obtain the solar info, and now has plans to expand Project Sunroof outside of the US.

At the moment, you can view data on 60 million buildings in the United States, a number Google is looking to rapidly increase moving forward.

The idea is that more and more people will make the solar plunge if they see that their neighbors are also doing it.

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