GM and Lockheed Martin – a Match Made…Well on The (MOON)

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These two stalwarts have joined forces in supplying lunar-enabled vehicles that are autonomous nonetheless to NASA’s Artemis program!

The BIG Announcement!

On the 26th of May 2021, the world woke up to a joint press release from Lockheed Martin and GM to collaborate on this exciting new venture. They will be working together to manufacture a range of craft ready to travel to the moon!

Mission – Accepted

NASA aims to launch vehicles ready for human occupation in excursions to the moon by deploying a series of experiments that will make moon landings for astronauts a reality.

Lockheed Martin will lead the charge with its rich history in moon-vehicle advancement. At the same time, GM brings its valuable contribution to the table in the form of the chassis and wheels that resemble the rover used in the Apollo 15-17 moon missions, respectively.

New-Aged Lunar Transport Vehicles

GM plans to lend its full support to Americans that will make history again by taking them back to the moon–a much-sought-after desire for very long! GM got its name imprinted in the history books by utilizing engineering and advanced tech that drove the Apollo 15 astronauts to the moon.

This dream will once again become a reality with the culmination of GM and Lockheed Martin! The knowledge and expertise from both companies will be used to enhance mobility on the moon’s surface by securing long-term sustainable solutions to ensure moon exploration endeavors for the future.

Their goal is to design Lunar Transport Vehicles (LTV’s) that can travel further distances than their predecessors. These next-gen lunar crafts will possess characteristics such as:

  • Resilience against the moon’s harsh environment
  • Ability to drive autonomously
  • Provide sufficient storage of samples
  • Efficient energy management and storage

Which are all the critical components specified in NASA’s RFP proposal. Along with this, these new vehicles will go to the lunar surface before the astronauts’ arrival, which will yield improved scientific returns!

Does this mean competition to Elon Musk? We will have to wait and see, the video below will give you an overview!

Bianca Van der Watt

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