Former SpaceX Engineers Develop a Portable Plug-And-Play Nuclear Reactor

Image courtesy: Radiant Nuclear

Radiant, a California-based company has gathered funding for the development of a compact, low-cost portable nuclear microreactor. The one-megawatt nuclear micro-reactor has been designed for the areas where other power generation methods don’t work. This clean energy alternative to fossil fuels is compact enough to fit in a shipping container. It can power around 1000 homes.

Radiant, founded by former SpaceX engineers have pulled in US$1.2 million from angel investors to continue work on its reactors for military and commercial applications.

First power generation system that can go anywhere

The reactor has been specifically designed to be highly portable. It can be quickly deployed in remote locations, military bases, and disaster areas.

Diesel has long been the fuel of choice to provide power to remote military bases. But diesel needs to be transported which means there is a significant risk to the transport personnel. Radiant’s portable nuclear microreactor can power the entire remote military base for four to eight years before running out of fuel. Even refueling is not difficult.

Radiant says its fuel can withstand higher temperatures when compared to traditional nuclear fuels. The reactor uses helium coolant instead of water which greatly reduces corrosion, boiling, and contamination risks associated with traditional water coolant.

Article Source: Industry Tap

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