Ford’s New Aluminum F-150 Wins 2015 Truck Of The Year At Detroit Auto Show

Ford Motor

Ford Motor

After losing the Motor Trend Truck of the Year to the Colorado, Ford has scored big by winning the 2015 truck of the year at this year’s Detroit auto show with the company’s brand new aluminum F-150.

Ford’s new F-150 utilizes lightweight aluminum in order to greatly increase fuel economy, but transitioning from steel to aluminum could prove to be worrisome for consumers.

It is worth noting that Ford’s new aluminum truck has increased towing capacity for those looking to haul heavy loads.

“The Ford F-150 is an American icon that Ford not only freshened but gave a big injection of innovation,” said Michelle Krebs, an analyst with AutoTrader. “We may well look back at the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 as a turning point in how trucks are constructed.”

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