Ford’s ‘Autolivery’ Aims to Use Self-Driving Vans Together With Drones to Deliver Packages



First, Amazon patents an idea to have a massive flying warehouse that deploys drones to deliver packages and now this!

Ford unveiled its ‘Autolivery’ concept at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, which plans to utilize electric, self-driving vans together with drones in order to deliver packages to hard-to-reach areas in urban environments.

The main goal for the Autolivery idea is to help find a solution to the last-mile challenge in delivery, specifically the last 15 meters between the delivery truck and the drop-off.

Obviously, when it comes to densely populated urban areas with little parking and apartments stacked on top of each other, this becomes a major issue.

Ford’s announcement comes merely one month after it acquired a brand-new autonomous driving startup Argo AI for $1 billion.

Clearly, Ford is attempting to be at the forefront of transportation and delivery innovation.

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