Emirates’ New First Class Suites Inspired By Mercedes Benz Are The Definition Of Luxury



Ever wondered how the world’s super-rich fly?

If Emirates’s new first class suites on its 777 are any indication, it might be even better than you could imagine.

Why’s that you ask?

The first class suites feature a number of bells and whistles, most notably “zero-gravity” seats, virtual windows, and active noise cancelling E1 headphones from Bowers and Wilkins. Of course, mood lighting and an HD TV with thousands of channels are a given.

Not to mention, the suites themselves are fully enclosed with a ton of room at 40 square feet.

The zero-gravity seats were inspired by NASA and do their best to ensure optimal passenger comfort, alleviating potential aches and pains which accompany regular seats.

With a total of six suites on the Emirate’s Boeing 777, the company’s creation appears to be living up to its “hotel in the sky” billing.

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