DiResta Aluminum Hatchet Handle



Few Things I know already about this hatchet; it is too heavy, the balance is off, it will shatter, the sheath should have rivets, the head will cut through the stitching, it was “hung” all wrong, brass wedge is a bad idea, I will get blisters, I should only ever use BLO to finish any hatchet, 6061 is the worst aluminum to use for this application, this head will fly off and hurt someone, you can not hold aluminum in the cold, galvanic corrosion will make the hatchet explode in my hand, the leather will slide off and the hatchet will go flying, my arm will vibrate and cause muscle fatigue, the bandsaw technique will cut off my fingers, and it needs to be sharpened…

Leather by TaylorForrest.com . The bandsaw blade was a 4 TPI 1/2″ deep re-saw blade for wood.

– Jimmy DiResta

6061-T6511 Bar

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