Directional Floor Mats The Answer to Reducing the MTA’s Delays?

 Scott Lynch/Gothamist

Scott Lynch/Gothamist

New York’s MTA Delays have become a major issue, so much so that Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced to declare a state of emergency in June.

Now, a $20 million MTA plan is being implemented, which includes a simple yet effective solution… Directional floor mats.

Passengers will no longer wander around aimlessly thanks to the arrows on the floor mats which point left, right, and straight ahead.

“The arrows encourage customers to move into the train and away from the doors in order to improve dwell times at stations,” MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told the New York Post. The mats are currently being tested on two C trains. “Allowing customers to board and unload trains in a streamlined manner is key to reducing the amount of time a train needs to stay in a station.”

More than 1.7 billion people utilize the train annually, so hopefully these new directional floor mats are up for the challenge.

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