Chevy Continues To Attack Ford’s Innovative Aluminum F-150 In New Ad



GM’s Chevrolet continues to attack rival Ford’s innovative aluminum-body F-150 pickup through a series ads basically saying Ford’s new truck is too costly and tedious to repair.

In the ad below, Howie Long and Chief Engineer Eric Stanczak review a third party test on the time and cost of repairing the Chevy Silverado and Ford’d aluminum F-150.

Chevy comes to the conclusion that aluminum isn’t as strong as steel and that insurance costs are more than likely higher for the aluminum F-150.

What’s odd about this marketing idea is the fact that the majority of industry experts believe all trucks will be made of aluminum in a few years.

I’m not so sure it’s smart of Chevrolet to attack Ford’s innovation when they will probably eventually have to copy the idea to compete in the pickup market.

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