Bombardier Plans To Rival Boeing’s 737 Max 7 With New CS300 Jet…



Boeing’s first non-Airbus commercial jet competition in years, Bombardier’s CS300 jet, completed its first flight on Friday of last week.

Bombardier’s CS300 jet holds up to 149 passengers and is set to directly compete with Boeing’s 737 Max 7.

At the moment, the CS300 only has 243 firm orders and is actually two years late, nothing for Boeing to fret about for now seeing how the company has 2,663 orders for the 737 Max 7.

The Bombardier CS300 will not be certified until late 2015, but it did perform well during its inaugural flight.

“It was a thrill to see the first CS300 aircraft take to the skies for the first time and I heartily congratulate our teams for this achievement,” said Mike Arcamone, president of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

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