Arc Brings SpaceX Innovation to High-Performance Electric Wake Boat

Image source by ARC

SpaceX has been widely considered one of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the world since it was founded in 2002. As such, it is not surprising its employees, both former and current, share this reputation. A group of former SpaceX employees have now taken this reputation to the marine industry with Arc.

Founded in 2021 and having raised over $104 million in Funding, Arc has disrupted the boating industry by making powerful electric boats more sustainable through electrical systems. The latest development in this area comes in the form of the Arc Sport, a 100% electric high-performance wake boat.

The Arc Sport offers a 570 hp motor and a 226 kWh battery capacity, capable of delivering twice as much torque as most premium wake boats but with zero emissions and noise. With 23 feet of length, 102 inches of beam, and 35 inches of draft, the Arc Soft was designed with comfort, ease of operation, and modern looks in mind, just as much as performance.

Arc has also made sure to innovate when it comes to customization, as not only can customers customize their boat but the waves it generates. Depending on the needs of the rider, the Arc Sport can have its water ballasts adjusted to generate the best wave. This is done via the boat’s advanced software capabilities, which regularly receive over-the-air updates.

In addition to it being 100% electric and its high performance, this level of intelligence sets the Arc Sport apart from traditional wake boats. The Arc’s in-house software is said to regularly monitor ”tens of thousands of data points”, which would be used to optimize performance and ensure safety in real-time.

While the Arc Sport is not Arc’s first electric boat, it is the first one designed to be mass-marketed. The company had previously launched its luxury electric cruiser Arc One model in 2022, which sold out the same year. The last units of the Arc One model will be delivered by the end of January 2024, marking the start of a new era for the young company.

With incredible performance, disruptive technology, and a forward-thinking team applying lessons from SpaceX, Arc seems poised to revolutionize recreational boating much like Tesla did for automobiles. For an industry known as conservative, a shakeup not only seems imminent but also long time due

Ashton Henning

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