9310 vac AMS 6265 – Material Most Frequently Used for Aircraft Engine Gears


The continuing demand for improved performance, increased temperature, and reduced weight among aircraft make selecting the right materials a daunting task for manufacturers. Aircraft manufacturers need to be absolutely sure they are using the most reliable steel possible when it comes to building their engines to ensure safety and high performance.

The most frequently used material to manufacture gears for aircraft today is 9310 alloy steel.

9310 vac AMS 6265 is case hardening steel, composed of 3.25% nickel, chromium, and molybdenum.

The alloy is typically heat treated at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit in the carburizing environment, and finished with an oil quench. 9310 vac AMS 6265 is a superior alloy with excellent transverse properties in VAR substances as well as outstanding hard wear resistance.

AMS 6265 may be formed by conventional methods, has excellent ductility in both tempered and quenched condition, and welding with AMS 6265 generally leads to incredible results.

The solid endurance characteristics gears made from AMS 6265 have exhibited time and time again shows why the alloy is perfectly suited for a wide range of aircraft engine gear applications.

© Flickr/mark6mauno

© Flickr/mark6mauno

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