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Attribute Value
ASTM Spec ASTM F1091-12
AMS Spec AMS 5537 | AMS 5759 | AMS 5796
Type Cobalt
UNS UNS R30605
Alloy L-605

ASTM F1091-12 is a sub-type specification of Cobalt L-605. Even though this superalloy is mostly known for its outstanding high-temperature strength [up to 1500 °F (1093 °C)] and excellent corrosion resistance in very corrosive environments, the ASTM F1091-12 specification is mostly used in the medical field as a surgical fixation wire.

ASTM F1091-12 has many favorable properties that make it an excellent choice for use in the medical field. These include non-magnetism and biocompatibility. The latter is a result of decades of research with this specification, and also real-life applications. According to the findings, ASTM F1091-12 shows an acceptable level of biological response when in contact with soft tissue and bones. Other specifications of Cobalt L-605 are used for manufacturing of heart valves and other stent applications.

ASTM F1091-12 has a chemical composition that consists mostly of Cobalt, Chromium, and Tungsten, with high levels of Nickel and Iron. Tech Steel & Materials offers this specification finished in the bright annealed condition and appropriately packaged to limit damage. Other finished are also possible on demand. The ASTM F1091-12 surgical fixation wire should always be handled with care in order to prevent contamination on the surface.