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Steel HP 9-4-20 AMS 6468

Steel HP 9-4-20 AMS 6468

AMS 6468 is a specification of Steel HP 9-4-20, which is low-alloy high-strength steel with a high concentration of cobalt and nickel. Available as welding wire, AMS 6468 is designed to be used for welding parts of the AMS 6523 and AMS 6525 sub-specifications of HP 9-4-20, which is known to have excellent weldability and hardenability.

Thanks to the exceptional fracture toughness, parts welded with this welding wire are used for joints of outstanding quality in the aircraft industry, as well as for other structural components of aircraft. AMS 6468 comes in sealed, air-evacuated and argon purged vapor barrier envelopes that ensure full protection against contamination.

Parts welded with AMS 6468 have yield strength in excess of 239 ksi, with weld deposit at -100°F (-73°C) of 40 ft/lbs. The density of the weld is 7.76 gm/cc. Helium-shielded TIG welding is the preferred method for welding with AMS 6468.

Depending on the sub-specification used, parts welded with the AMS 6468 welding wire can be forged before annealing. Then, normalizing is required, followed by hardening and tempering. If austenite is present after hardening, refrigeration can be used to remove it.


AMS 6468 Wire
AMS 6468 Wire
Alloy: Steel
Type: HP 9-4-20
UNS: K91461