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AMS 5672

Custom 455 AMS 5672

AMS 5672 is a sub-type specification of Stainless Steel Custom 455 that Tech Steel & Materials offers in wire form. This particular specification is excellent for steel temper, producing springs with excellent elasticity, even in larger diameters. Thus, the material finds use in the medical industry for the manufacturing of devices and instruments, food processing and handling industry, and heat exchangers.

The material has high concentrations of Nickel and Chromium, providing it with excellent tensile and yield strength. Furthermore, AMS 5672 springs also have very good corrosion resistance in standard air environments and freshwater.

However, an additional age-hardening and cold working are recommended for achieving higher tensile strength. Heating to 900 °F / 480 °C and air cooling for four hours can contribute to a tensile strength larger than 250 ksi (1742 MPa), beneficial for such parts.  Meanwhile, cold-drawn AMS 5672 spring wire will exhibit even higher strength if done before aging.

Furthermore, AMS 5672 wire has another characteristic that’s beneficial for its usage scenario. Namely, the material can be finished in very tight tolerances when in an annealed state, thanks to the minimal -0.001 in/in change during hardening. Overall, AMS 5672 is very easy to machine and fabricate and has excellent ductility.


AMS 5672 Wire
AMS 5672 Wire
Alloy: Steel
Type: Custom 455
UNS: S45500