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316L is the low carbon version of 316 and is immune to sensitization (grain boundary carbide precipitation. 316L is commonly used in heavy gauge welded components. As an austenitic grade 316/316L also has excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures.

When compared to chromium-nickel austenitic stainless, 316L offers higher creep, stress to rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures.

Component Elements Properties Percent
Carbon (maximum) .03%
Manganese (maximum) 2%
Phosphorus (maximum) .045%
Sulfur (maximum) .03%
Silicon (maximum) .75%
Chromium 16-18%
Nickel 10-14%
Molybdenum 2-3%
Nitrogen (maximum) .1%
Iron Balance

Mechanical Properties, MINIMUM, Solution Heat Treated

Property Value
Tensile Strength 75 ksi
Yield Strength at 0.2% Offset 30.0 ksi
Elongation in 2 Inches (50.8 mm) or 4D
Nominal Thickness
Up to 0.025 inch (0.64 mm), exclusive 40%
0.025 inch (0.64 mm) and over 45%

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AMS Number Alloy Type UNS Cross Ref. Spec Misc./Shape
AMS 5653 316L Stainless Steel S31603  
AMS 5653 Bar 316L Stainless Steel S31603 QQ-S-763 Bar AMS 5653 Bar
AMS 5653 Forging 316L Stainless Steel S31603 QQ-S-763 Forging AMS 5653 Forging
AMS 5653 Ring 316L Stainless Steel S31603 QQ-S-763 Ring AMS 5653 Ring
AMS 5653 Tubing 316L Stainless Steel S31603 QQ-S-763 Tubing AMS 5653 Tubing
AMS 5653 Wire 316L Stainless Steel S31603 QQ-S-763 Wire AMS 5653 Wire