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AMS 5562 is a sub-type specification of Stainless Steel 21-6-9. Tech Steel & Materials offers this specification in the form of seamless tubing, which is a solution heat-treated for greater strength and toughness.

The alloy is also nitrogen-strengthened and has high manganese content. The main qualities of AMS 5562 are outstanding resistance to oxidation at higher temperatures (annealed condition), good resistance to molten lead oxide corrosion, and exceptional air corrosion resistance.

Moreover, AMS 5562 also possesses high strength, low magnetic permeability, and excellent impact toughness at cryogenic temperatures, down to -382 °F (-230 °C).

Thanks to those qualities, AMS 5562 tubing is used in the aerospace industry, mainly for the manufacturing of high-pressure hydraulic lines, engine parts, tailpipes, exhaust systems. The excellent resistance to oxidation of AMS 5562 also makes it suitable for chemical and pollution control equipment.

The AMS 5562 is already solution heat-treated for added strength, but it can be further strengthened using hot working and cold working. AMS 5562 tubing can be readily welded using shielded fusion and resistance welding.

This specification can be hot worked, and cold worked using traditional methods, without any preheating required. The alloy can be rapidly cooled after hot working, thanks to the excellent resistance to crackling.


AMS 5562 Tubing
AMS 5562 Tubing
Alloy: Stainless Steel
Type: 21-6-9
UNS: S21900