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Stainless Steel 17-7PH AMS 5568

Stainless Steel 17-7PH AMS 5568

AMS 5568 is a sub-type specification of Stainless Steel 17-7PH which is a semi-austenitic precipitation hardening steel with high levels of Chromium and Nickel. Main qualities of parts made of this steel are high strength and hardness, excellent fatigue properties, minimal distortion upon heat treatment, good formability in the annealed condition, and good corrosion resistance.

This stainless steel is mainly used in aerospace applications for manufacturing of flat springs, conical springs, washers, eyelets, and strain gauges. It also finds use in chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers, power boilers, superheater tubes and components that require high strength at high temperatures.

AMS 5568 is solution heat treated and precipitation hardenable, which means that Condition TH 1050 and Condition RH 950 are obtainable. These conditions are characterized by high strength and good workability using advanced fabrication techniques. AMS 5568 is available in the form of welded tubing. If additional welding is required conventional fusion and resistance techniques can be used. However, austenite conditioning and precipitation hardening are recommended after the welding process if high strength is wanted.

Overall, due to the high concentration of Aluminum, AMS 5568 doesn’t create firm bond after welding. Weld slug formation can also arise during arc welding, which is another area that requires special care.


AMS 5568 Tubing
AMS 5568 Tubing
Alloy: Stainless Steel
Type: 17-7PH
UNS: S17700