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Nickel Waspaloy AMS 5704

Nickel Waspaloy AMS 5704

AMS 5704 is a specification of Nickel Waspaloy, a nickel-base age-hardenable superalloy with excellent high-temperature strength and good corrosion resistance by combustion products.

This specification is available in the form of forgings that are used for compressor blades, discs, hubs, shafts, and spacers that have a need for high strength at temperatures up to 1500°F (816°C). These forgings can also be used for oxidation resistance of up to 1750°F (954°C).  The heat treatment is as follows:

  • Solution treatment – melt using vacuum induction method at 1825-1895°F (995-1035°C), and then oil quench for 4 hours;
  • Stabilization – reheat to 1550°F (845°C), and air cool for 4 hours;
  • Age harden – reheat to 1400°F (760°C), and air cool for 16 hours to produce hardness of 33-44 Rockwell C.

Please note that scale may be formed on the alloy during heat treatment in oxidizing atmospheres. However, this doesn’t affect the properties of the alloy and can be removed by acid pickling or mechanically.

AMS 5704 can be readily welded only in carefully controlled circumstances, using argon-arc methods and the Waspaloy AMS 5828 filler metal. Welds should be avoided in high-stress environments.

Hot working of AMS 5704 is done at 2140-1800°F (1170-980°C), while hydroforming, drawing, spinning, bending, and rolling can be used for cold working.


AMS 5704 Waspaloy Forging
AMS 5704 Waspaloy Forging
Alloy: Nickel
Type: Waspaloy
UNS: N07001