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Nickel Inconel 718 AMS 5589

Nickel Inconel 718 AMS 5589

AMS 5589 is a designation of the alloy Nickel Inconel 718, itself a nickel-chromium alloy with high strength, corrosion and oxidation resistance, and excellent tensile and impact strength at cryogenic temperatures.

Full chemical composition is 52.5Ni – 19Cr – 3.0Mo – 5.1Cb (Nb) – 0.90Ti – 0.50Al – 18Fe.

This designation is made by solution annealing at 1775°F (968°C) followed by rapid cooling, usually in water, and precipitation hardening at 1325°F (718°C) for 8 hours and furnace cool to 1150°F (620°C).

It is available as tubing and thus it is best suited for fluid lines and components that require resistance and stress-rupture of up to 1300°F (705°C), and oxidation resistance of up to 1800°F (982°C).

All of this makes it an excellent choice for parts where there is a concern of rupture life, notch rupture life, and rupture ductility.

Efficiency when welding is about 100% with the gas tungsten-arc process and using the proprietary Nickel Filler Metal 718. Nickel Inconel 718 AMS 5589 can be age-hardened directly, without stress relief.


AMS 5589 Inconel 718 Tubing
AMS 5589 Inconel 718 Tubing
Alloy: Nickel
Type: Inconel Alloys
UNS: N07718