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AMS 4376

AMS 4376 is a sub-type specification of Magnesium AZ31B-H26. When compared to other specifications of the AZ31B magnesium alloy, AMS 4376 is characterized by higher strength and stiffness, but lower ductility. This was achieved by strain hardening and then partially annealing the material. Tech Steel & Materials offers this specification in the form of sheet. No further heat treatment can be done on AMS 4376 to improve its strength or stiffness.

Due to the worse ductility of the H26 temper when compared to H24 and 0 tempers (annealed only), the AMS 4376 isn’t as good for manufacturing of wires, but can still be used for RFI and EMI shielding due to its non-magnetic nature. Nonetheless, the added strength and stiffness make this specification a slightly better material for the manufacturing of aircraft fuselages alone, or in combination with the other tempers.

Overall, AMS 4376 is an improvement to aluminum and steel alloys in stiffness per weight ratio. Other than the aircraft industry, this property of magnesium-based alloys makes them an excellent choice for use in the automotive industry, especially for supercars, where the higher price of AMS 4376 isn’t as critical.

Please note that AMS 4376 is easily flammable and can cause an irritation to the skin, eyes, and airways.


AMS 4376 Plate
AMS 4376 Plate
Alloy: Magnesium
Type: AZ31B-H26
UNS: M11311