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ASTM A867 – Iron Silicon Alloys

ASTM A867 – Iron Silicon Alloys are also referred to as Silicon Core Iron, Electrical steels, lamination steels, silicon electrical steels, silicon steels, relay steels or transformer steels. It’s an iron alloy tailored to produce specific magnetic properties.

Iron Silicon Alloys (Fe-Si) are frequently used in applications that require higher electrical resistivity, higher permeability, lower coercive force and residual magnetism such as the manufacturing of electromechanical devices.

The steels covered in this specification are:

Grade Steel Type Alternate Description Nominal Composition
FeSi1 ASTM A867 – TYPE 1 Silicon Core Iron “A” 1.1 % Si-Fe
FeSi1P ASTM A867 – TYPE 1F Silicon Core Iron “A-FM” 1.1 % Si-Fe free machining
FeSi3 ASTM A867 – TYPE 2 Silicon Core Iron “B” 2.3 % Si-Fe
FeSi3P ASTM A867 – TYPE 2F Silicon Core Iron “B-FM” 2.3 % Si-Fe free machining
FeSi4 ASTM A867 – TYPE 3 Silicon Core Iron “C” 4.0 % Si-Fe

Silicon Irons (Fe-Si) are classified according to the silicon content present in the chemical analysis according to the standard classifications of ASTM A867. Each single Grade has got its enhanced machiniability option where requested.

They are prone to get rusty and therefore a protective coating should be applied to the heat-treated parts.
Forms that it’s available in are: Strip, Bar, Plate, and Wire. (Other forms available upon application)

Due to their high magnetic properties, Iron Silicon steels are mainly used in the manufacture of relays, solenoids, ventilators, and injector parts.

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