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Attribute Value
ASTM Spec ASTM F688-14
AMS Spec AMS 5844 | AMS 5845 | AMS 5758
Type Cobalt
UNS UNS R30035
Alloy MP35N


ASTM F688-14 is a sub-type specification of Cobalt M35N, a cobalt-based and non-magnetic alloy of the Multiphase family with a high percentage of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum.

This non-magnetic alloy exhibits an exceptionally high tensile strength of 260 ksi to 300 ksi (1790 mPa to 2070 mPa) and outstanding corrosion resistance in most environments. The best tensile strength of ASTM F688-14 can be achieved using the work-strengthening method. Furthermore, ASTM F688-14 is also biocompatible, has excellent resistance to sulfidation, and outstanding oxidation resistance at higher temperatures.

These qualities are achieved thanks to the high percentage of cobalt, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum in the alloy. Tech Steel & Materials offers ASTM F688-14 as wrought alloy, produced with a vacuum induction melting and consumable vacuum arc re-melting methods. This approach produces very low levels of oxygen and nitrogen that might otherwise produce secondary phases. It has a high-polished appearance, especially if it’s drawn in smaller diameters.

Due to its unique properties, ASTM F688-14 is mostly used in the medical field. It is mainly used for manufacturing of surgical implants, but also in the orthodontic field for producing dental braces or replacement body parts. For better corrosion and sulfidation resistance in these cases, we recommend an aging process at 425° F (220° C).