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AMS 5898 is a pressure-nitrided, martensitic cold worked steel. AMS 5898 is known for its extreme cleanliness and fine, homogeneous structure. It is manufactured using nitrogen as a partial substitute for carbon, which leads to better corrosion resistance then conventional cold worked steels. AMS 5898 is commonly found in ball bearings used in the aerospace industry along with knives, and polished molds in the plastic industry.

Chemical Properties

Element min max
Carbon .25 .35
Silicon 1
Manganese 1
Chromium 14 16
Nickel .5
Molybdenum .85 1.1
Nitrogen .3 5

Applicable Specifications:

AMS 5898 – Steel, Corrosion –Resistant, Bars, Wire and Forgings, Consumable Electrode Melted Under Pressure