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4330 Vac Mod AMS 6411 steel is a modification of 4330 steel with several properties improved by the addition of vanadium. 4330V Mod is a low alloy steel capable of being heat treated to high strength levels. The alloy is primarily used in the 220 to 240 ksi strength range. 4330 Vac Mod AMS 6411 steel is produced by the vacuum consumable electrode melting process to provide optimum cleanliness and preferred ingot structure.

The comparatively low carbon content of the alloy makes it particularly useful in applications involving shock loading or stress concentration. It features strength and high resistance to crack propagation and exceptional low temperature impact properties. Typical applications of 4330 Vac Mod AMS 6411 are for high strength, aerospace, and power generator defense. 4330 Vac Mod AMS 6411 steel is primarily used in the oil industry for oil tools and drill jars. In the aerospace industry, 4330 Vac Mod AMS 6411 is primarily used for bolting and air frames.

Chemical Properties

Element min max
Carbon 0.28 0.33
Manganese 0.65 1
Silicon 0.15 0.35
Phosphorus 0.015
Sulfur 0.015
Chromium 0.75 1
Nickel 1.65 2
Molybdenum 0.35 0.5
Vanadium 0.05 0.1
Copper 0.35

Physical Properties

Property Value
Tensile Strength 220.0 ksi
Yield Strength at 0.2% Offset 185.0 ksi
Elongation in 4D 10%
Reduction of Area 35%